King Hussein of Jordan

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King Hussein of Jordan was honoured in London last night for his "outstanding contribution" to peace in the Middle East. Presenting him with the Winston Churchill Award in a ceremony at the Guildhall, Sir Winston's grandson, the Tory MP Winston Churchill, said: "The path to peace has not been an easy one. Indeed, it is probably true to say that it takes more courage to bury old enmities than it does to declare war.

"By the tenacity and personal courage that you have demonstrated in the face of repeated threats to your life, you have been instrumental in transforming relations between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian peoples. With the achievement of peace across the River Jordan, the possibilities for prosperity and cooperation are boundless."

Mr Churchill said his hope was that Israel and Jordan might turn their backs on conflict and build a new partnership for the benefit of their peoples. The Winston Churchill Award was inaugurated in 1987. Three years ago Mikhail Gorbachev was honoured for his part in bringing peace to the Middle East.