Labour Conference: Seen & Heard

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"Twenty years ago the IMF came to bury us. Now they come to praise us. Yes, new Labour's got friends everywhere."

- Tony Blair

"There are still times in Northern Ireland when the sheer rawness of the sectarian hatred and bigotry never ceases to surprise me." - Mo Mowlam

"It is like going through compositing all over again. It insults a nation of intelligent, enlightened people." (Attack on the stereotyping of the Irish in Eastenders)

- Nick Nolan, Coventry NW

"I am a survivor of cancer. I joined the [cancer] awareness campaign and my husband said, `You silly cow. You didn't have to get it'." - Delegate in the health debate

"Tory leaders used to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth. This one was born with his foot in his mouth."

- Mary Turner, NEC member, in a debate on women

"We hope the hard edge is extended to those who can afford it." - Rodney Bickerstaffe, on Tony Blair's speech