Labour Conference: The week ahead

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Morning: Speech by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, followed by a debate on on the economy

Afternoon: Speech by Trade and Industry Secretary Peter Mandelson, followed by debate on issues including trade union recognisition and the National Minimum Wage

-Speech by Culture Secretary Chris Smith, followed by debate on topics such as admission charges for museums and galleries.

-Speech by Social Security Secretary Alistair Darling on welfare reform


Morning: Speech buy Environment Minister Michael Meacher followed by debate on environmental protection and rural affairs

Afternoon: speech by the Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party Tony Blair


Morning: Speech by TUC President John Edmonds

-Speech by Deputy Leader and Environment, Transport and Regions Secretary John Prescott on trasnport, housing and local government

Afternoon:Speech by Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlam

-Speech by Health Secretary Frank Dobson, followed by a debate on the modernisation and reform of the NHS


Morning: Speeches by Welsh Secretary Ron Davies and Scottish Secretary Donald Dewar on the challenges of devolution and the forthcoming elections to the Welsh assembly and Scottish Parliament

-Speech by Education secretary David Blunkett followed by debate on education reform

Afternoon: speech by Home Secretary Jack Straw, followed by speech by Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

-speech by leader of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, Pauline Green


Morning: speeches by Defence Secretary Gerorge Robertson and International Development Secretary Clare Short

-Closing Speech by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott