Labour Party Conference: Today's business

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9.30am debates: Agriculture, women, and the economy.

2.15pm: Democracy and citizenship, covering issues including devolution, Lords reform, the Northern Ireland peace process and welfare.

On the fringe: The Independent's Great Britain Debate, 6.15pm at the Dorchester Suite, Swallow Highcliff Hotel; A Racist-free Britain? After the Lawrence Inquiry, Fabian Society/Commission for Racial Equality, 1pm at the Ballroom, Pavilion; Why Jenkins is Wrong - Labour's First Past the Post Campaign, 1pm at the Durley Hall Hotel; International Question Time, development and human rights organisations, 6pm at the Bournemouth International Hotel; EMU and the Challenge of Economic Reform, Centre for European Reform, 6.15pm at the Carlton Hotel; Grass Roots Fight Back - Labour Left Briefing, 7pm at the Marsham Court Hotel.