Land speed record milestones

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December 1898: 39.24mph (Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat, Acheres, Paris)

November 1904: 104.52mph (Paul Barras, Ostend)

July 1925: 150.76mph (Malcolm Campbell, Pendine Sands, Wales)

March 1927: 203.79mph (Henry Seagrave, Daytona)

September 1935: 301.13mph (Donald Campbell, Bonneville Flats, Utah)

July 1964: 403.10mph (Donald Campbell, Lake Eyre, Australia)

November 1965: 600.60mph (Craig Breedlove, Bonneville)

October 1983: 633.47mph (Richard Noble, Black Rock, Nevada).

25 September 1997: 714.3mph (Andrew Green, Black Rock, Nevada).