Language shame of top companies

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Seventeen companies and organisations were yesterday publicly named on the Plain English Campaign's first "list of shame".

Among the organisations were the National Police Training Centre, Commercial Union, Bradford & Bingley Building Society and the Co-operative Bank.

The campaign published its first "list of shame" to embarrass firms into producing leaflets, reports and letters in plain language.

It appealed to people to send in more examples, with the battle cry: "You name 'em, we'll shame 'em."

Among the more choice examples of jargon were:

9 "Quality asurance (sic) may be defined as all the planned and systematic activities implemented within the quality system and demonstrated as needed, to provide adequate confidence that an entity will fulfil requirements for quality."

9 "If, at a plan review before age 55 (the age limit applies to the older partner for joint life plans), it is necessary to reduce the sum insured, then, within three months of the reduction, a new plan may be effected, without evidence of health, for a sum insured not exceeding the amount of the reduction." - Sun Life of Canada

The list of shame is set to be published every month or so, depending on the number of entries sent in to the Plain English Campaign. Shamed firms will be entered for the group's annual Golden Bulls awards.