Lawyer touts for trade on beer-mats

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A LAWYER who believes most of his clients end up in trouble after drinking too much has started advertising his services on beer-mats.

Andy Lyall, a senior partner with the firm of Lyall & Co in Dundee, said his marketing ploy had won him dozens of new clients, but the Scottish Law Society was more wary. It wants to see the mats, which have been distributed around the city's pubs, before giving approval to the scheme.

Mr Lyall, 52, defended his use of the beer-mats, which bear his photograph, telephone number, address and the words "defence lawyer".

"Many of my clients end up in trouble because they have too much to drink so the pub seems to me to be an eminently sensible place to advertise," he said yesterday.

"I am aware that some members of the legal profession might be a bit stuffy about this and I have heard of some muttering but I believe I have acted in accordance with Law Society advertising regulations. In an increasingly competitive market place it is important to use imaginative marketing techniques to promote business and that is what I am doing."

Douglas Mill, the secretary of the Law Society, said Mr Lyall had not sought approval for the unorthodox advertising campaign.

"This probably doesn't infringe our advertising regulations but I would like to see the mats first," he said.

"This is certainly the first I have heard of anything like this. It's possible that a lot of solicitors might deem it naff and not in accordance with the dignity of the profession, and if any member of the public thinks it is unprofessional they can bring it to our attention.

"It doesn't sound illegal but I don't think it is something that will fill the rest of the profession with joy."

Mike Halford, the owner of one of the pubs using the beer- mats, said most customers had been amused by them.

"They have caused quite a stir and most people have had a good laugh about it.

"We are always telling people not to drink and drive but if they don't listen they can always avail themselves of Mr Lyall's services as advertised on the beer-mats."