Leading Stories: New images for the naff

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The rebirth of Blue Nun is just the latest in a long list of attempts by companies to shake off an outdated image by undergoing a drastic make- over. Thanks to a successful relaunch, drinks such as Lucozade and Guinness, are now fashionable with the trendy and streetwise. The suede desert boot has also made a dramatic return: once worn by rebellious beatniks but more recently favoured by trainspotters, it is a cult accessory again after pop idols, including Liam Gallagher and the Spice Girls, were seen sporting them.

One of the biggest transformations in recent times has been that of the Labour Party. But there have been embarrassing disasters. The sparkling drink Babycham has undergone three relaunches in five years without shaking off its "naff" image. In 1993 its Bambi-like logo was dropped from the bottles and a television advert featuring a macho man was introduced as part of a drive to make it trendy. But the attempt failed and the emblem was reintroduced earlier this year to try to reattract former drinkers.