Legal fight against live exports

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A new group dedicated to fighting the live animal export trade through the legal system was launched in London yesterday, writes Danny Penman.

The Protesters aim to halt the trade using existing welfare legislation and hopes to challenge the legality of the Government's claim that it is powerless to halt live animal exports.

"The trade is certainly legal but it is often carried out in an illegal way. We're not going to pussyfoot around, we're going to challenge animal cruelty by any lawful means," said Carla Lane, the sit-com writer and Protesters director. Celia Hammond, the former model is also a director and the barrister, Michael Mansfield, QC, is acting as a legal adviser.

The organisers hope the group will act as a rallying point for protest groups at ports and airports across the country. Sister groups in France and Germany are also planned.

The group will avoid taking legal action against individual animal exporters but hope to challenge fundamental aspects of the trade.