Letter: Cornish poets aren't revolting

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Over the three years since Berdh Arnowydh Kernewek (Modern Cornish Poets) began working together we have performed to thousands of people in a wide variety of events ("Poets lead Cornish revolt", 18 May). We are not cranky advocates for Cornish cessation or independence. We just wish to see Cornish people freed of the yoke of statistical invisibility, and thereby able to celebrate and develop our unique culture.

Among other things we seek the opportunity to officially identify ourselves as Cornish (in the census, for example), a specific economic development policy and reasonable support for the Cornish language; in other words the right to influence the destiny of our small, struggling, beautiful, and eminently different part of Britain. It's not quite the revolt you allude to, is it?

Bert Biscoe

Truro, Cornwall