Letter: 'For my children's sake, send in the troops'

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READERS' letters continued to flood in to the Independent yesterday in support of this newspaper's demand for limited military action by the West to prevent the destruction of Sarajevo and with it the last hopes for the survival of Bosnia. We print one letter below. A further selection appears on page 8.

Dear Sir

I am a young working woman about to commence having a family. I do not want the death of Sarajevo to form part of my children's inheritance.

Neither do I wish to see my young soldier brother, a Gulf veteran, committed to a lengthy tripartite civil war. I do, however, strongly support his fighting on a precise UN mandate as part of a small and effective deployment of troops for the purpose of keeping Sarajevo and thereby Bosnian hope, alive.

Do it, Mr Major.


Henley-on-Thames, Oxon

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