Liam and Patsy call off their big day

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Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit (right) yesterday failed to tie the knot, despite having more than 100 guests, albeit uninvited ones, in attendance at three different London venues and their St John's Wood home.

The Oasis singer and his girlfriend, who had obtained special licences for six separate locations, instead issued a statement saying that "obsessive and intrusive media attention had removed any dignity "from what was to be a private and special occasion".

Not since Miss Kensit last got married has so much press attention been generated by so little. Reporters and cameramen were deployed across the capital in the hope that they would hit on the correct venue. Attention was particularly intense at 30 Pavilion Road, a Knightsbridge restaurant and odds-on favourite for a combined ceremony and reception. The uninvited passed the day leaning on redundant police barriers, while photographers with long lenses cat-called at each other from the roofs of nearby office blocks.

While fans were disappointed, one freelance photographer went home happy. He was being paid pounds 100 per day by eight newspapers to be on standby, and had made pounds 800 by doing nothing. "I hope they do it again tomorrow," he said.