Liberal Democrat Conference: Scotland: Devolution `betrayed' by rivals

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LABOUR AND the Scottish National Party were accused at the conference of having "betrayed" the spirit of the referendum on devolution as parties gear up for Scotland's first parliamentary elections next year.

Jim Wallace, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, accused both parties of "trading insults" and "slugging it out" on a daily basis, in scenes reminiscent of the "worst of Westminster". He said: "Well might the people feel the spirit of the referendum has been betrayed by both these parties."

He stressed that co-operation must be the rule, not the exception, if people were to have faith in the new Parliament. "Too many people, from Easterhouse to Easter Ross, feel that today's politics are irrelevant to their everyday lives. ... We shall continue to argue the case for an open and accessible Parliament, with proper public participation and consultation," he added.

Scotland's Parliament would make a real difference if it created a climate where young people wanted to stay on in Scotland, and succeed, he said.