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"I am among my friends now. ..The most important thing is to mend ties after a fight"

Boris Yeltsin, Russian President

"We' position to have a stronger relationship with Russia in the future"

US President Bill Clinton after seeing Boris Yeltsin

"You can't punish [the Serbs] for the excesses that their president committed"

Gerhard Schroder, the German Chancellor

"In my 70 years, never have I had a happier day"

Avdyl Avdullahu a Kosovar Albanian, watching Serb soldiers leave

"As long as he [Milosevic] remains at large, there is no statute of limitations"

Bill Clinton on bringing Milosevic to justice

"Excepting a few stragglers, all Yugoslav uniformed forces have withdrawn"

Lt-Col Robin Clifford, Nato spokesman