Liberation of Kosovo: Quotes

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"[Milosevic] represents the past. He has no place in the Europe of tomorrow"

Javier Solana,

Nato secretary-general

"We've no money, three million jobless, and discontent over yet another lost war"

Milan Protic, Serb opposition spokesman

"The KLA has made a great contribution to the future of democracy in Kosovo"

Hashim Thaqi,

KLA leader

"We're ordered to return home and start a normal life with our families"

Faik Reci,

demobilised KLA fighter

"It's a madhouse there. These people are making us go back but how can we?"

A Serb from Prizren

protesting in Belgrade

"It's going to take a lot of leadership for the folks who come home not to retaliate, but they should not do it"

President Bill Clinton