Liberation Of Kosovo: Serbs fleeing Kosovo in fear

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THOUSANDS OF Serbs fled Kosovo over the weekend, saying they had no faith in K-For's ability to guarantee their safety and would be attacked by returning Kosovo Albanians.

UN refugee officials said 1,146 Kosovo Serbs crossed into Montenegro - which is part of Yugoslavia but a separate republic from Serbia - at the town of Rozaje. The refugees raced through the town, which since March has housed a large number of Kosovo Albanian refugees waiting to travel in the opposite direction.

Louis Storch of the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said 5,233 Serbs had crossed the border at the weekend. The UNHCR estimates that almost 9,700 Kosovo Serbs have fled to Montenegro since the middle of last week. Thousands of others have gone directly to Serbia.

Most refugees coming into Montenegro came from the south-western Kosovo towns of Pec and Prizren. Radomir Pavlovic, travelling with his family to Montenegro, said he had decided to leave because of the danger of "Albanian terrorists", meaning the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army. No foreign peacekeepers had reached his village when he left. "We have a vacuum situation, nothing is safe," he said.