Lifestyle: Pet names that top the pop charts

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Tigger is the most popular name for cats, with Ben topping the list for dogs, according to a new survey.

Research for Churchill Insurance showed that despite there being certain favourite pet names, owners give their animals a vast range of tags. This week President Clinton plumped for the name Buddy for his three-month- old Labrador. His cat is called Socks.

The research also revealed other popular names for cats were Jasper, Sam, Chloe and Smokey. While Ben or Benny is the favourite name among dog owners, other popular choices are Sam or Sammy and Max.

David Hiddleston, of Churchill Insurance, said: "Just like President Clinton many people are having fun at this time of year choosing names for their new pets."

But he added: "People should remember, of course, that a pet is a long- term commitment and they must carefully consider the implications before buying a cat or a dog."