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Anti-Genetically Modified Organism Campaign

Expected turn-out: 2,000

What do they want?

A ban on genetically modified animal feed.

Nuisance value: Could cause the Government more embarrassment over claims it is bypassing public opinion to form good relations with the agro-chemical industry. Despite recent examples of anti-GMO protesters destroying crops, they have no record of violence against people.

When? 12 noon Sunday

Lobby '99

Expected turn-out: 6,000

What do they want?

The Labour Party to revert to traditional socialist policies.

Nuisance value: Low. The groups that make up Lobby '99, including the Socialist Workers Party and union branches, are seen as relics of a previous age. Its supporters include Tony Benn and Tariq Ali, the writer and broadcaster.

When? 3.30pm Sunday

National Farmers' Union

Expected turn-out: 10,000 What do they want?

To raise awareness of problems in farming.

Nuisance value: Low. The NFU discussed cancelling the rally after the government announced a package of measures to help farmers, but decided not to on Wednesday. Traditionally a well-behaved group this side of the Channel.

When? 12.30pm Monday

British National Party

Expected turn-out: Tiny

What do they want?

To recruit members.

Nuisance value: Potentially high. Leadership battle is due to end on Tuesday. Nick Griffin, whom insiders believe could oust John Tyndall,wants to push the BNP's anti-Europe arguments to draw members from rural communities. Said yesterday that it was "possible" members would attend farming and hunting rallies.

When? 12.30pm Monday, 12 noon Tuesday.

Countryside Alliance

Expected turn-out: 16,000

What do they want?

To continue hunting.

Nuisance value: High. Opposed to government policy. Many of those present say their jobs depend on fox hunting, so the protest should be vociferous. A spokesman said he anticipated restraint in the face of anti-hunt protesters.

When? 12 noon Tuesday

Carnival Against Hunting

Expected turn-out: 1,000

What do they want?

A ban on hunting.

Nuisance value: High. Although Tony Blair has pledged to end hunting, there are anumber of very vocal hunt supporters, many of whom will be present. It has been called a "carnival" to stress its peaceful nature, but past protests have shown that friction between the two sides can explode. Possible presence of the BNP would add a volatile ingredient.

When? 12 noon Tuesday