Lone mother fights to keep her home from the Dome

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MANY people hate the Millennium Dome but Carolyne Rushton, who is the only remaining tenant in a Victorian terrace beside the site, has more reason than most.

Since building began, she has been condemned to live in a contaminated dust bath, with rats in the garden and drilling at dawn.

While her neighbours have been rehoused, she claims she has not been offered suitable alternative accommodation.

"Look at that Dome, causing all this trouble. All the muck and all the noise," Ms Rushton said, trying to soothe her 22-month-old daughter, Bertha. Six months pregnant with her second child, Ms Rushton, 33, a single mother, is at her wits end "struggling to keep it together".

Yesterday she made a successful plea at the Court of Appeal against a possession order which would have left her homeless. She has been given security to stay until the appeal is heard.

A spokesman for London and Quadrant Housing Trust, which until recently leased the house from English Partnerships, said they had offered Ms Rushton other homes and the local council had agreed to rehouse her, but she had declined to contact the council and refused their offers.