Lottery rescues Lutyens' model

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The Lottery Board was clearly swaying to the sounds of the Mersey Beat yesterday when it approved grants for two projects at either end of the architectural scale in Liverpool.

The National Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded pounds 268,000 to help restore a model cathedral designed by Sir Edward Lutyens and the National Trust has been given pounds 47,500 towards the restoration of Sir Paul McCartney's former council house where the Beatles were "born".

Lutyens designed the Catholic Cathedral for Liverpool in the 1930s but only the crypt was built as it was deemed to expensive to finish. A cathedral was completed from very different designs by Frederick Gibberd in the 1960s. The model, 11ft tall and 17ft long, dates from 1934 and was produced from a series of drawings.

McCartney's terraced house, in Forthlin Road, will be redecorated in 1950s style using photographs taken by his younger brother, Mike McGear. He lived there from the age of 13 until the Beatles became famous.