Lottery to help disadvantaged Lottery will help poor and children

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Charities for children, health, the homeless and unemployed people are likely to be at the head of the queue for National Lottery cash.

Organisations dealing with women's issues, ethnic and cultural minorities and others affected by discrimination would also receive sympathetic treatment, the National Lottery Charities Board said yesterday.

But David Sieff, the board's chairman, said political activities would not be supported. "The NLCB aims to help meet the needs of those at greatest disadvantage in society," he added.

The board, certain to be deluged with requests for cash, has promised to consult widely before making final decisions. It expects to invite grant applications by June.

Hundreds of organisations wanting money for arts, sports, heritage and millennium projects have already applied.

Camelot, the lottery organiser, hopes to give away £9bn over the next seven years. So far, about £160m has been put aside.