Lottery winners left wanting

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Some people just never have enough, it seems. Even lottery millionaires cannot afford all the luxuries they desire.

Asked by the lottery operator, Camelot, about their jackpots, the millionaire winners claimed they did not have enough cash for everything they wanted.

Elaine Thompson, of Basingstoke, Hampshire, won pounds 2.7m, but wants Donald Trump's apartment in New York which is on the market for pounds 14m. Gary Ashmore, of Reading, Berkshire, who won pounds 1.66m in June, said: "I would love to buy an entire airline and would call it Ashmore Airlines." While Bob and Anne Westland, of Alloa in Scotland, said their pounds 3.8m was not enough for a private island in the sun.

But being a multi-millionaire does make life easier for some. Former assistant shop manager Karl Crompton, from Blackpool, who scooped pounds 10.9m a year ago last May, admitted gratefully: "I have everything I've always wanted."