Lover set to inherit victim's fortune

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David Howells stood to inherit his wife's pounds 155,000 fortune. He had promised to use some of it to buy his sons jetskis and a cruise after the murder. However, as a result of yesterday's convictions, Mrs Howells's lover, Russell Hirst (who is also the two sons' godfather), stands to get most of the legacy.

Mrs Howells was having an affair with Mr Hirst, her husband's best friend and colleague, for 12 years up to her death. Yesterday Mr Hirst said he wanted to give the money away. At his home in Primrose Hill, Huddersfield, he said: "I'm glad it's all over and that justice has been done for Eve. At the moment I want to donate the money to charity ... Eve's money is not something I want on my hands. I had strong feelings for Eve. I was in love with her."

Mr Hirst said he had no feelings for the boys or Mr Howells: "I have completely turned my back on them. It has been very harrowing for me.

"My relationship with Eve was still going on when she was murdered and I did love her - I still do. She was a lovely woman who did not deserve to die like she did. Why she died, only those three know."