Luxor victim's body found

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The missing body of Luxor massacre victim Karina Turner is in Germany, it emerged yesterday. West Yorkshire coroner Roger Whittaker said that a match for the 24-year-old woman's dental records and DNA samples had been made.

The body of the air stewardess, of Ripponden, West Yorkshire, has been missing since the massacre by Islamic militants on 18 November at the Temple of Queen Hatsheput, in Luxor, Egypt. A body mistakenly identified as Ms Turner's and now in the mortuary in Halifax is believed to be that of a German in whose grave Karina's remains lie. Her daughter, Shaunnah, five, and her mother Joan, 53, also died in the attack. The latter's body also went missing and was later found in Switzerland. The Turner family said last night that they were now planning a joint funeral service for all three.