Mad dogs and a burning issue

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Englishmen and women are still joining the mad dogs when it comes to going out in the midday sun, according to a new report.

Sun-bathing Britons continue to get burnt abroad, says a survey from the Home & Overseas travel insurance company, even though more holidaymakers are aware of the dangers of lying too long in the sun. The survey found that more than half of British tourists say they have problems with sunburn while on holiday, and nearly one in six say they usually get burnt. Nearly one in ten takes sunbathing to an extreme and needs medical treatment.

Older holidaymakers are, however, more careful about the sun, while women are more careful than men. Two in three are more worried about sunburn and skin cancer than they used to be. Nevertheless, only half use a high- factor sun cream - and a quarter never use one. Despite the familiar concerns about potential damage to health many British holidaymakers are still choosing to bake in the midday heat. "It seems the British are as easy to spot as ever when they're on holiday. They're the ones who are red and raw, rather than bronzed and beautiful," said Home & Overseas' marketing manager Sarah Joannides.