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Tory Leadership Election Targets

To win on the first ballot:

John Major or John Redwood must win 165 votes (a majority of the 329 Tory MPs) and beat their rival by a margin greater than 50 (15 per cent of Tory MPs)

To ensure a second ballot:

John Major must poll fewer than 165 votes, or John Redwood must poll 140 or more (ie, he comes with 50 votes of Mr Major)

In practice, Mr Major may feel his authority has been so damaged if over 100 Tory MPs either vote against him or abstain, that he withdraws. But his campaign team says 165 votes is enough - a warning to Tory MPs hoping to deliver a shot across his bows

If there is a second ballot:

New candidates can enter the election

165 is still the magic number to win

The 15 per cent rule is dropped - margin of one vote is enough to win