Mail staff to deliver new wood for Dales

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The Yorkshire Dales national park yesterday announced that a new wood, named after its sponsors, the Royal Mail, is to be planted beside the Pennine Way and the River Aire at Airton in Malhamdale, near Skipton.

Royal Mail Wood will comprise 750 broad-leaved trees, including ash, oak and rowan, paid for out of pounds 10,000 raised by staff of Royal Mail North East.

The project, launched with the planting of the first tree next Wednesday, will be the first wood to be planted under sponsorship in the national park.

Royal Mail managers and staff will be involved in the work, helping to prepare footpaths, erecting foot bridges and organising work parties to co- ordinate the planting of the one-acre wood.

A spokesman dismissed criticism of the wood's name and objections from local conservationists, who told the national park: "Corporate sponsorship and national parks do not mix."

"There's nothing wrong with the name," said the spokesman. "We're not talking about Sherwood Forest here - it's just a little wood that reflects our desire to have a positive impact on the welfare of the community, in particular through environmental work."

Richard Witt, development officer for the Yorkshire Dales national park, said: "A lot of people might not like the name but we feel it's a small price to pay to give the landscape additional character and beauty, as well as being a vital refuge for wild animals and plants."