Malaysia Airlines: Watch as a family successfully rings missing Malaysian passengers - but no one answers

The call, shown on Chinese television, was connected but yielded no response

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The family of a Chinese man who was a passenger on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 rang his phone on Chinese television.

The calls connects, however no one picks up on the other end of the line.

The number used to call the passenger has been since passed onto the airline as well as Chinese police, but no response has been had by anyone at the moment.

According to Chinese reports, other families have been able to ring their loved ones, only for none of them to ever get a response.

The Malaysia Airlines flight was carrying 239 passengers and crew members. It left during the night of Friday to Saturday and the airplane went off the radar at 1:30 local time, when air traffic controllers said they lost contact. 

Reports mentioned oil slicks found off the coast of Malaysia, however authorities have said they were not caused by the missing airplane.

239 people were on board at the time, 227 passengers and 12 members of the crew. This numbers includes two children.

Interpol reported on Sunday that at least two stolen passports had been used by passengers on board of Flight MH370; the passports had both been stolen from an Italian man in 2013 and an Austrian citizen in 2012 in Thailand.

The two men traveling on the stolen passports were travelling to Europe via Beijing; this allowed them to travel via China without a visa, thus avoiding additional identity checks.

China allows European travellers to transit through the country for 72 hours without the need for a visa.

The airline says it is not ruling out any possible theories as to why the plane went off the radar, which includes the possibility of this being a terrorist attack. Officials in the US have said there is no proof as of yet to confirm this theory.