Mallory `did not conquer Everest'

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GEORGE MALLORY probably did not reach the top of Mount Everest in 1924, according to the team that discovered his body on May 1.

Despite the Herculean efforts made by Mallory and his companion, Andrew Irvine, "I think it is improbable that they made it to the summit", said Conrad Anker, a member of the research expedition that found the body. Eric Simonson, who led the 10-member team trying to retrace the duo's steps, said: "The route was too long and too hard."

Mallory disappeared while ascending Everest's north ridge; famously, he said he would climb the mountain "because it's there".

Three weeks ago his perfectly preserved body was found by the expedition, the head frozen into the ground, on the northern slopes of Everest, just 2,000 feet (600m) from the 29,078ft (8,863m) summit.

Mr Simonson said the expedition intended to go back to look for Irvine's body and Mallory's camera.