Man killed in wave of Kurdish attacks

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BERLIN - One person was killed and several injured yesterday after suspected Kurdish separatists launched a wave of attacks against Turkish consulates, properties and businesses across Europe, writes Adrian Bridge.

The attacks, with petrol bombs, sledge-hammers and baseball bats, were co-ordinated and focused on cities in Germany, home to nearly 2 million Turks. Targets in Britain, Austria, France, Denmark and Switzerland were also hit.

Four people were arrested after a Turkish restaurant in Wiesbaden was set on fire, killing one man and injuring eight.

In London, five people were injured, one seriously, after one of five fire-bomb attacks on Turkish buildings in the capital hit the wrong target, the BT building in Gresham Street, in the heart of the City. Another firebomb went off near by at the Turkish Sabanci bank in Finsbury Square.

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