`Mardi Gra' bomb attack

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A MOTORIST had a lucky escape yesterday after a bomb, believed to be the handiwork of the self-styled Mardi Gra extortionist, exploded in his car.

The man picked up a plastic bag, which is believed to have contained the explosive device, from a cash point machine near Sainsbury's in Forest Hill, south London and drove off with it. He suffered from shock after it went off, but police have be unable to confirm whether it was the latest attack by the Mardi Gra bomber because the device was thrown onto the road and has not been recovered by police.

Scotland Yard, however, believe it bears all the marks of the man who has targeted Barclays Bank and Sainsbury's with a serious of homemade bombs that use shotgun cartridges - the latest attack coming just a week ago. Police are appealing for anyone who saw someone place a bag by the cashpoint.