Material Girl proves that fur is back in vogue at London premiere

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Madonna, material girl, chanteuse, mother and actress was the main attraction last night at the International Premiere of the film musical Evita. The film, which had its first showing last Saturday in Los Angeles, has already been nominated for five Golden Globe Awards, with Madonna receiving a nomination for best actress in a musical, against Glenn Close in 101 Dalmatians and Barbra Streisand in The Mirror has Two Faces. This is a strong indication that an Oscar nomination is next for Madonna, whose acting skills have always been her weak point.

Like the Oscars, the honour of dressing the star of the show is a big one. In LA it was John Galliano's design which garnered front pages the world over. Last night was cold and chilly and Madonna decided to keep the is-it-real or is-it-fake fur coat on outside while anti-fur demonstrators shouted in the background. They were protesting over the use of fur worn in the film by Madonna. Which, while possibly a worthy cause, is a rather pointless exercise because many of the clothes worn during the film were original pieces from the late 1940s - when wearing fur was fashionable. Until her untimely death, Eva Peron was always a woman at the height of fashion.

When the coat finally came off inside the cinema, Madonna revealed a subdued light green bias-cut devore velvet dress covered in an ivy pattern, by the Italian designer Gianni Versace, which she wore with matching shoes and handbag - a strange choice for Madonna - who was expected to wear a glittering gown.

During the film which is all sung except for about 10 dialogue exchanges, Madonna wears 85 different outfits, 35 hats, 42 hairstyles, and a hundredweight of costume jewellery.