MEDIA: C5 gets a poor reception from target audience

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More than a third of Channel 5's target audience has been disappointed by the new channel's programmes, and almost 40 per cent think they are the worst shown on British terrestrial television.

Among 15- to 24-year-olds - Channel 5's core target audience - 35 per cent believe the channel is worse than they expected and 38 per cent think it is the worst terrestrial channel on air. Among the population as a whole, 21 per cent think C5 shows the poorest programmes of any broadcaster, according to a survey of 500 people for CIA MediaLab, the media analysts.

Part of the channel's problem continues to be poor reception. The survey found that only 43 per cent of respondents get a moderate or good picture while 53 per cent say they get either a poor picture or no picture at all.