MEDIA: Press friendly to Tesco chain

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The supermarket chain Tesco received more favourable coverage in the UK national press than any other company in 1996, according to The Presswatch Annual 1997, a quantitative survey of comment on 2,083 companies during last year.

Tesco amassed a positive total of 3,835 (negative comments score minus points), placing the food retailer ahead of Marks and Spencer, which won a rating of 2,933.

British Gas closed its final year as a single entity bottom of the list with a rating of -7,370.

Other companies in the top five were National Savings, with 2,908, the fund manager Perpetual with 2,171 and Manchester United FC with 2,054. Companies near the bottom of the list included the Woolwich with -2,530, Sears with -2,128, the Alliance and Leicester with -1,943 and the BBC with -1,936.