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DAVID TWISTON DAVIES, letters editor at The Daily Telegraph, has been replaced by Sandra Barwick. Twiston Davies becomes chief obituaries writer. There is more to the change than meets the eye. Jeremy Deedes, managing director of the paper, is said to have criticised the letters being printed as too right-wing. Some Telegraph staff believe that the whole paper is too right-wing and that it is a little unfair to single out the letters editor for blame.

BBC insiders say that Greg Dyke, the director general, was apoplectic with rage about Nicky Campbell's public carping about the corporation and wondered aloud about Campbell's future. Mr Dyke has been reminded that 5 Live has already commissioned a new marketing campaign, based around... Nicky Campbell.

PERHAPS SOME of the newspaper flak aimed at Mick Jagger should be aimed at Channel 4, which shamelessly allowed Jagger to use his own production company for the "documentary" on himself. Incidentally, what is this "media blitz" that The Daily Telegraph, The Observer and the London Evening Standard have been accusing the Rolling Stone of carrying out? Jagger gave precisely two newspaper interviews: to The Independent and The Sunday Times. Not quite a blitz – unless you're one of the papers whose interview request was turned down.

JOHN MCENTEE's new showbiz diary in the Daily Mail appeared yesterday under the title Wicked Whispers. Sound familiar? It did to Piers Morgan, editor of The Mirror, which uses that same title above a daily gossip item. Mr Morgan whispered yesterday: "I am bemused that the Mail would wish to lay themselves open to charges of flagrant plagiarism in this shameless way – but, since they've been nicking our stories all year, not totally surprised."

AN EDITION of the Evening Standard last Friday had a picture of Geri Halliwell on page 15. On page 17 it had a picture of Geri Halliwell; while on page 25 there was a picture of Geri Halliwell. The editor, Max Hastings, must be at that difficult age.