Ban on 'too sexy' Ann Summers radio ad

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A hallowe'en radio ad for the lingerie retailer Ann Summers has been banned for being likely to offend listeners, a broadcasting regulator said yesterday.

The Radio Advertising Clearance Centre (RACC) blocked the ad, saying that it contained "fairly overt sexual references in terms of sound effects".

The commercial begins with the sound of screams, which are replaced by screams of pleasure. A voice can then be heard to say: "Tight, short, low-cut. Ann Summers dead sexy Hallowe'en outfits with £5 off. In stores, online and at parties."

A spokesman for the RACC said the ad breached advertising regulations governing taste and offence. Ann Summers has appealed appealed the decision.

"We believe that Britons are broad-minded and would understand the topical and cheeky nature of our advert," said a spokesman for the company.