Beale's Best In Show: Coca-cola (Santo)

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The most famous creative in British advertising is an Argentine (flay yourself if you've never heard of Fallon's Juan Cabral, the only man to bring back a Cannes Grand Prix to these shores last week).

And there's a persistent feeling that if you want fresh, hot creative talent, Argentina is the place to look. So there was more than a flash of interest when one of Argentina's creative hotshots recently opened its doors in London, backed by the mighty WPP. Santo launched in April and its first major work has just broken: a series of idents for Coca-Cola that are running in the final stages of Euro 2008.

The ads are called The Unhuggables and are a series of 10-second spots which feature the same Coke-swigging bloke in a bar celebrating a goal. Each time he leaps up to hug his neighbour at the bar in triumph, his neighbour turns out to be the last person you'd want to squeeze, from a giant (who presses our man's face into his groin) to a bee keeper covered in bees.

So, are they further evidence that Argentine creatives could rule the world? Not quite.

But they are quirky-funny, less pompous than some Coke work and they're certainly engaging enough not to irritate despite the fact that there are 12 in the series. The Argentines have arrived.