Beale's Best In Show: Levi's (BBH)

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Not many advertisers stay married to the same ad agency for five years, let alone 25. But the relationship that Levi's has with Bartle Bogle Hegarty has done more than stand the test of time. It has set the advertising agenda and produced some of the most enduring and iconic campaigns of the last quarter of a century.

To mark the anniversary of their relationship, BBH and Levi's have produced four new films around the idea of Live Unbuttoned.

And they're every bit as sexy and provocative as you'd hope. In Secrets and Lies a (young, beautiful) couple confess all the fibs they've told to woo each other into bed. In First Time another (young, beautiful) couple strip off to jump into the sea. In Guitar we see a post coital (young, beautiful) couple and in Unbreakable our (young, beautiful) action heroes do a lot of jumping around.

There's plenty of seductive crotch shots of unbuttoning, though the four executions are all very different. And they're all a long way from the more innocently sexy ads that BBH produced for Levi's in the real glory years (Launderette, Creek and so on).

But what hasn't changed over the years is the agency's clear love of and respect for the Levi's brand. It might be 25 years old, but this is one relationship that still has fire. The only disappointment is that Levi's isn't (so far) putting more money behind the media schedule and giving these ads the mass airing they deserve. To see them you'll have to visit . It's worth the trip.