Beale's best in show: Oasis (Mother)

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Flush from the success of Somers Town at the Edinburgh Film Festival, Mother spent the last week reminding us that it's rather good at the bread and butter stuff too.

The agency's just hired media man Matt Andrews from Vizeum as a strategy director (and we know how rare good media thinkers are these days) and it's just snapped up the £3m Thorntons chocolate account. Then there's the launch of the TV campaign for soft drink Oasis.

I love this ad. It's damn silly, but also stylish, slick and compelling. I've never much liked Oasis's "for people who don't like water" strap, but this ad makes it seem a lot less defensive and a lot more fun. The ad's called "Run, Cactus Kid, run", which will give you the flavour.

It's set in middle America, classic movie territory, and the ad itself feels wonderfully cinematic: young girl defies uptight moral mom by loving wayward Cactus Kid, a human/cactus hybrid – and when was the last time you saw one of those in an ad? Mom thinks he's a freak but girl is fixing to have his baby and won't mess with no water. Only Oasis for these lovers. So our girl runs off with Cactus Kid, leaving her mom in no doubt "how I ended up getting sunburn on the soles of my feet".

There are two more ads to come in the series, then viewers get to vote on the final instalment, selecting from a handful of alternative endings to the storyline. It's very 2008 – and hope the rest are as glorious as the first.