E-cigarette adverts banned by watchdog


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Three adverts for e-cigarettes have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), in the first such action to be taken against the tobacco alternative products.

A television and a radio advert for E-Lites and a television advert for Sky Cigs were banned. ASA said that the adverts did not make it clear that the products contained nicotine.

The TV advert for E-Lites, one of the UK’s leading brands, showed a family admiring a baby. The father leaves the room, apparently for a cigarette, just before the baby takes his first steps and starts dancing. The man returns and asks: “What have I missed?”

ASA received 65 complaints about the advert and an accompanying campaign, which also included a radio advert and posters on buses. It said that the TV advert could amuse children and breached rules which restrict adverts that might interest children from referring to smoking. 

Zandera Ltd, the manufacturer of E-Lites, and Zulu Ventures Ltd, which makes Sky Cigs, were unavailable for comment.