EasyJet criticised over anti-Ryanair ad

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Low-cost airline easyJet misleadingly suggested in an advert that Ryanair did not fly passengers to the destinations they had booked, the advertising watchdog ruled yesterday.

The Advertising Standards Authority said that easyJet misleadingly implied that Ryanair customers would end up in the wrong city by listing airports that were often some distance from their destination, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled.

A train poster for easyJet about Ryanair read: "Barcelona = Girona, Paris = Beauvais, Milan = Bergamo, Venice = Treviso".

Ryanair complained that the ad was "denigratory" by implying it delivered customers to the wrong destination when the airports had been designated as officially serving their corresponding cities.

Easyjet said it was "trying to make the point that easyJet flies to primary airports and Ryanair, in many cases, to secondary airports which are often significantly further away from the city which they serve".

Upholding the complaint, the ASA said it was concerned that customers could be led to believe they would be unwittingly flown to a more remote airport or even a different destination. EasyJet said it would not repeat the advert in the same form.