Laser-eye deal advert irresponsible

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An online advert urging people to snap up half-price laser eye surgery was irresponsible, the advertising watchdog rules today.

LivingSocial, which offers cut-price deals ranging from massages to vacuum cleaners, ran the promotion on its internet site and emailed it to potential customers in May. It offered laser eye surgery for both eyes for £1,949, adding "buy now!" and "two days remaining".

The Advertising Standards Authority received a complaint that the week-long offer could persuade people to rush into having laser-eye surgery.

LivingSocial Ltd said the deal let people research the procedure and discuss it with their doctor or optician. It said after customer consultation, those found to be unsuitable for treatment would receive a full refund.

The ASA found the bargain to breach rules on responsible advertising and the promotion of medicine.