Media Lunch: Trevor Beattie, Beattie McGuinness Bungay, ad agency

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The venue: The Club at The Ivy is a terrific place. I do use the Ivy, but for business I tend to use the Club. It's a sort of working version of the Ivy – which is what I like about it.

The company: I went there with a mate of mine, [Radio 5 Live's] Richard Bacon. We have done a couple of television shows together and I think he's a damn good egg.

The conversation: Politics, advertising, the BBC, News International and what I see as Richard's inexorable rise to becoming a national media superstar. I think thathis star is really on the rise; he's a natural.

On the menu: I always have the daily roast whenever I go there. It's always fantastic, whether it's a joint of beef, roast lamb, gammon or chicken. It's the closest you get to quality home-cooking in a London restaurant. They bring it round on a silver platter with the dome on top. I also recommend the lobster tempura as a starter. I like to have my favourite wine there: Pouilly-Fumé.

Come here often? I'm a big fan of the long working-lunch and I'll do it whenever I can. I don't like the sense of shame that's attached to it. In light of Mad Men and everything that brings, I think it's laudable behaviour. I miss the days where I used to see some of my creative teams come staggering back in the afternoon. The long working-lunch is completely acceptable.

The Club at The Ivy, 1 West Street, Covent Garden, London WC2