The Sainsbury's Christmas advert parody is finally here

Advert imagines a brief truce between Tesco and Sainsbury's

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It was only a matter of time before a parody of the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert appeared.

And here it is, it all its glory, courtesy of comedy group Hot Gulp.

The supermarket’s four minute re-enactment of the Christmas Day truce of 1914 has been brought into 2014 with a brief truce between two opposing food-shopping giants.

Hot Gulp's interpretation of the advert sees staff from both Tesco and Sainsbury’s brought together over a chocolate bar - the treat that pre-empts the lull in fighting in the original video.

The war-time football match is recreated between 'team Tesco' and 'team Sainsbury’s in a car park, with the help of a lettuce, while photos of loved ones are replaced by selfies taken on phones.

Hot Gulp's video sees both sides getting along so well that two enamoured staff members even share a kiss at the side.

Where the original Sainsbury’s advert ends when fighting begins again and soldiers return to the trenches, this one concludes when a tannoy calls both teams back to their stations.

After shaking hands, Sainsbury's worker Barry wishes his rival "Super Stephen" a merry Christmas, before the two sides return to work.