Annie Leibovitz's photographs for Gap show (RED) is a must-have fashion accessory

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Annie Leibovitz, the celebrity photographer who recently hit the headlines by asking the Queen to remove her crown, has lent her talents to (RED) by shooting a series of pictures to be used for an advertising campaign in support of the charity by Gap.

The clothing giant chose "socially conscious" celebrities, including the actress Anne Hathaway (top right) and the Grammy award-winning musician Wyclef Jean (right), along with members of the African Children's Choir (above) to appear in the campaign for its latest range of clothing to raise funds for (RED). Leibovitz was following a recent trend by Gap, which last year had global sales of nearly 8bn, to use famous people in its adverts.

The adverts will appear in American stores and this month's US editions of magazines including Vogue and Vanity Fair in support of its second (RED) fashion range. Among the garments is a sleeveless Tshirt with the slogan (2 WEEKS), a reference to the 14 days of antiretroviral drugs for Aids patients in Africa that the sale of each T-shirt will fund. Half of the profits from each item in the range will go the (RED) campaign to support the Global Fund to fight Aids.

The fashion chain, which is drawing up plans to offer a "child labour-free" guarantee on all its clothing after an investigation this month showed one of its sub-contractors in India was using under-age workers, is one of a number of brands including Apple and Emporio Armani which has raised more than 22m for the Global Fund.

Leibovitz unwittingly found herself the heart of a row over a trailer for a BBC documentary about the Royal Family which wrongly suggested the Queen stormed out of her photo shoot after she was asked to remove her crown.