BBC presenters robbed at Cannes Film Festival

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The TV presenters Susannah Constantine and Trinny Woodall were the victims of a robbery at the Cannes Film Festival last week.

The pair, who appear in the BBC2 fashion makeover show What Not To Wear, were robbed by a man who is believed to have entered through an open window of the villa where they were staying .

The raider took jewellery, credit cards and cash while they both slept.

The presenters were in Cannes last week to film a special episode for their new series for the BBC.

The robbery took place last Friday and was reported to French police who are investigating the incident.

The BBC last night denied reports in the London Evening Standard that the presenters were knocked unconscious when the thieves placed chloroform-soaked pads over their mouths as they slept.

A BBC spokeswoman said the pair were unhurt but were deeply shocked by the robbery.

She said:"They woke on Monday morning last week to find that cash and jewellery had been stolen from the room where they were sleeping.

"They reported the incident to the local police and then travelled home that day as they had originally planned.

"It was a horrible shock for the girls but fortunately neither was hurt by the ordeal. They both want to put it behind them," the spokeswoman said.

There was no evidence the pair had been drugged and the door to their bedroom was not forced open, she added.

But a friend of Ms Constantine, a former girlfriend of Viscount Linley, told the Evening Standard: "They woke up one morning and their hands felt sticky, there was a funny smell in the room and they both felt hungover."

The film festival has become a prime site for muggers over the past few years, but this year's event seemed to have passed without mishap – until details emerged yesterday about the robbery.

In their popular BBC fashion show, the two women pull no punches as they tell people which clothes suit them and which do not.