BBC2 to broadcast live on internet

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Ricky Gervais' Extras, Newsnight and Top of the Pops will be among the first programmes to be broadcast live on broadband.

Roly Keating, who became controller of BBC2 in June last year, said that programmes will be "simulcast" from next year. "Whatever the broadband revolution means for audiences and channels in the future, we intend to be there, in the front line," Mr Keating said. "We will start at the website - upgrade that and move it into broadband. We want to have as full a service as possible."

A pilot will be unveiled next year along with further trials of MyBBCPlayer, allowing viewers to legally download BBC programmes.

A simulcast, letting viewers in the UK see programmes on the internet at the same time as they go out on television, is planned as part of the programme download trials.