BBC's home truth: no nudity on the radio

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The prospect of a naked man broadcasting to the nation well before the watershed has simply proved too much for the BBC to bear.

Protected only by a name badge and a teacup, Steve Gough thought he was going to be interviewed by a great name in the corporation – instead he was shown the door. But perhaps the BBC could be accused of being too protective of its audience: Mr Gough was to appear on John Peel's radio show Home Truths.

It should have come as no surprise to the BBC that Mr Gough had arrived at its Southampton studios for an interview on naturism wearing only his sandals – after all, he had once turned up to his own court case naked.

But the BBC said yesterday his appearance had come as a "complete surprise". It had refused to allow him into its recording studios unless he covered up, for fear of upsetting staff. Mr Gough stood firm and, after a brief wrangle, the interview was called off.

Mr Gough, 43, who had cycled five miles from Eastleigh, returned home, only to be arrested for "outraging public decency".