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East imagined that he had brought off a neat defensive coup on this deal but, although he fooled declarer out of an immediately winning play, it all proved in vain.

East opened One Spade and South, with an unattractive bid but feeling that he was too good to pass, overcalled with One No-trump. All passed and, with a good alternative to leading his partner's suit, West led 2Q. Dummy played low, East unblocked with his king, and declarer held off. He won the club return and appeared to be looking at six tricks, no more, no less.

With no clear idea in mind, South got off lead with a low diamond and dummy's jack lost to the queen. Now East tried the effect of !2, hoping to burrow an entry into his partner's hand. If South had tried the 10, he would have had seven tricks and, even if he had played low and allowed West in with !9, East would have been in grave trouble for discards if his partner cashed his three club winners.

However, declarer won the heart switch with his ace and East permitted himself a tiny inward smirk at the success of his plan. It did not last long.

Declarer next cashed #A, removing East's last safe exit card, and followed with 4A to drop West's jack. Reading the position well, South quietly got off lead with a losing heart and, after taking his three winners in the suit, East was reduced to leading a spade into dummy's tenace and conceding declarer his seventh trick.