Browser add-on aims to make the web more social

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A US-based start-up called Chaggle is helping connect consumers and create a network of web-wide conversations where people can comment on products, services and information they see on the websites in front of them. Their product is essentially a web-wide chatroom that lets you converse in real time with other users visiting the same sites as you.

The constant push to bring all facets of the web closer to a real-time social network is being felt around the world. Consumers looking to buy products on the web are drawn towards the opinions and comments of other internet shoppers, rather than relying on the glowing reviews provided by the company they are purchasing from.

Chaggle aims to provide a forum where consumers can discuss the pros and cons of any website. The browser add-on also lets users leave comments on the site for other passers-by.

"Our goal is to create a truly interactive web experience," said Clayton Smith, Chaggle co-founder on February 10. "Whether you're sharing laughs, opinions, links to other sites or anything else, Chaggle is the perpetual conversation of the internet."

Chaggle is not the first company to try and integrate an interactive website layover on third-party websites. In October 2009 Google introduced a similar product called Side Wiki. The interactive social network was both praised and criticized by technology journalists who worried that companies would have little or no control over unfounded negative and credibility destroying comments left on their site.